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Scientists Now Think This Is What Dinosaurs Looked Like

Forget everything you know about dinosaurs. Those big scary reptiles you saw in Jurassic Park? Wrong. That they later evolved into birds? Bogus. That they hatched from eggs? Completely fabricated. That they had rough, lizard-like skin? Not even close.

Groundbreaking new research from a team at the University of Chicago suggests that dinosaurs actually probably looked a lot more like Corgis.

Yes, those little dogs that have become stars on the Internet are our closest living link to the age of the dinosaurs.

"We’ve identified previously unnoticed characteristics in the fossil record that led us to this startling discovery," said Professor Mason Waddington, who co-authored the paper in this month’s Annals of Paleontology about the findings. According to Waddington, the Corgi pup specifically seems to share a very strong link with dinos.

"They may look cute, but at its core, that is a ferocious beast of the past," he said.

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All Hail The King by Armando Mesias in London, UK

From the artist: “This is an experimental project; a biographic narrative of Walter White and his multiple personas. Each piece reveals a different side of his personality; a different story for every important person in his life.”

These are amazing paintings Armando. Incredible work.

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