little star


shows up late to draw a bird day with robins and starbucks

[Thunder and Lightning. Enter three Witches.]




what do birds do 


I apologise for my ignorance, birds are important


This cat looks like it’s wearing a coat made from the fur of its defeated enemies…


Can’t afford the trip down to Florida to swim with the dolphins? Swim with these dolphin-esque bananas instead.



Outfit your egg with this knight armour, then murder it for breakfast afterwards


Humpty Dumpty just got a badass weapons upgrade via the ‘Arthur Egg Cup’, an egg cup holder in the shape of a knight’s suit of armour. Turn your soft boiled eggs into a knight in shining armour by padding it with this plastic suit and removable helmet. The kitchen accessory even comes with a spoon that acts as the egg’s lance, ready to fend off any hungry mouth that comes its way. The Knights of the Round Table (get it? Cause the egg is round?) would gladly welcome this chivalrous little guy in their congregation.

Breakfast will never be the same, as the fight between hunger and the refusal to eat something so cute wages on. You can purchase the item at Animi Causa’s online shop, here.